Robby Wilkins

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There’s a certain similarity in running a multifaceted realty company and skippering a 52-foot racing yacht on a 500-mile course through unpredictable Caribbean seas. Minute by minute, hour by hour, uncounted decisions are made. An eye must be kept constantly on updated market forecasts when managing terra firma, on revised weather charts when plying the ocean. Same principle. Wildly different scenarios.

Robby Wilkins’ life embraces both. After competing aboard a Santa Cruz 52 during Barbados Race Week, he returns to his office at Southern Visions Realty, Inc., in Lexington, SC, the company he’s guided since 1984. On his desk are documents, to-dos, memos, drawings and plans pertaining to a 135-lot single-family, upscale neighborhood; a 240-unit Class A apartment project; and commercial retail building sites across several states—to name a few. Dozens of projects simultaneously are on the firm’s development tables. Details keep Robby on the phone constantly.

“My hours are 24/7,” he intones, still taking it all in stride just as he did at the outset.

Two weeks later, he breaks away for another sailing challenge, this time off Jamaica. Sailing has been his passion from childhood. It was passed down from his father Robert P. Wilkins Sr., one of America’s foremost estate planners and legal technologists, and the founder of Sandlapper: The Magazine of South Carolina.

Sleep is a precious commodity when juggling endeavors of these sorts. But Robby wouldn’t trade what he’s doing for anything.

Over thirty years in the business has made Southern Visions a preeminent real estate company in the South Carolina midlands. Based in Lexington, it also has a growing Charleston branch.

“The business walks in the door because of our reputation,” Robby acknowledges.

His special interest in estate matters, the forte of his father, is reflected in his personal involvement as president and broker-in-charge at Southern Visions. “I do a lot family real estate planning—families who want to buy income-producing property and others who want to sell what they have.”

Robby’s wife Suzanne is a renowned artist; visit her online at They have two sons, Gregory (also on the staff of Southern Visions) and Reese. He also serves as a Commissioner on the Board at Midlands Technical College and is a member of the Mt. Hope Cemetery Board.

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