Don’t lose your cool!

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With temperatures in the our area are reaching over 100 degrees again this week, it’s important to make sure you don’t lose your cool! Below are some tips to make sure your unit is in shape for the hot Carolina summers

Clean your filters regularly. Dirty filters kill your AC’s efficiency, so install a new one every month during the cooling season for central and window units (or clean them if you’ve got the washable type).

Use timers to regulate your system. There’s no need to blast the AC at full tilt while you’re at work. For central units, install a programmable thermostat that lets you set higher temps when you’re gone and cooler temps when you’re home. Unless you’re going on vacation, don’t shut off the system; otherwise, the air compressor will need to work harder to cool your house later

– Your condenser and compressor are important. The condenser and compressor works best when there’s about 24 inches of clear space in all directions, so get rid of nearby shrubs, tall grass, leaves, and hanging branches. Install condensers or window units on the north or east side of your house, or build a screen to shield them from the sun. Putting them in direct sunlight reduces their efficiency by as much as 10 percent.

– Blinds, shades, and fans help. Extend the life of your AC system by keeping blinds or shades down during the day; you can also install awnings to shield south-facing windows from intense sun. Consider running the AC in conjunction with floor or ceiling fans to circulate cooled air more effectively

Check out the video below for more tips on maintaining your AC



Video courtesy of WLTX TV.

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