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I am sure we have all heard that sales is a very interesting and ever-changing field to be in.  Real Estate sales are no exception when negotiating contracts on what is likely the largest purchase or sale of someone’s life, all kinds of thoughts and emotions can get involved.  Keeping in mind the nature of the business I wondered what responses I would get when I posed a question to the agents in my office.

I asked, what is the strangest/oddest/funniest or most unique client request or interaction you have ever had?  Some of the responses were as follows.

  • Agent #1 was asked to include in the contract that: Refrigerator, window treatments, and stripper pole convey at no cost to the buyer.
  • Agent #2 had to write in the contract that the resident goat named Moe, stayed with the house.
  • Agent #3 had a couple once that wanted to be able to exhume their pets at some point after the sale. I tried my best to allow their furry friends to RIP. They dug them up two days before the closing.
  • Agent #4 had a buyer change the locks, and have contractors renovating the inside, and building a large back porch three weeks before closing!!
  • Agent #5 had a buyer die on the way to a closing (1972). As my luck would have it, I had already spent my commission.


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